Design Technologist bridging the gap between valuable user experience and functioning front-end.

Currently working with the fine folks at Talent Inc. to build software that empowers freelance resume writers and job seekers to reach their full potential.


Empowering new hires with the support needed to succeed.

A mentorship program and supporting email campaign to guide new contract resume writers through their journey with Talent Inc.

Roles: UX Research, Product Design, Copywriting


Reimagining the resume writing job offer.

Encouraging contract resume writers to take on new clients by providing the critical information needed to say “yes!”.

Roles: UX Research, UI Design, Front-End Development


In addition to developing digital products, I also like to flex my illustration muscles by designing prints and graphics.



Latest CodePens

Fancy Checkboxes & Animating Button

See the Pen Fancy Checkboxes & Animating Button by Lauren Chilcote (@letsbleachthis) on CodePen.

CSS Grid, Flexbox, AOS animations, and CSS variables for toggling dark mode.

SCSS, custom counter, gradient border.

HTML & CSS-only animating accordions



Lauren Chilcote

Multi-disciplinary designer/developer who’s most excited when building technology to make peoples’ lives better. Curious by nature and a collaborator at heart, I believe there is a multitude of success to be found at the intersection between business goals and user problems when individuals band together to work as a team.

When not in front of my computer, you can find me advocating for the existence of the cake flight, powerlifting with The Armory barbell club, or staring at/petting/fawning over someone’s dog.