Multifunctional designer/developer based in Brooklyn, NY.


Currently working with the wonderful folks at Talent Inc.



What I Do



Identify problems to be solved using lean UX methodologies balanced with business goals and measured by data. Align the team and stakeholders on core goals to be used as a north star throughout the product lifecycle.



Use insights to create user-friendly interfaces and experiences starting with lo-fi sketches. Share ideas early and often, using prototypes to test assumptions.



Work alongside engineers to map design to code, iterating on-the-fly as needed. Consider edge cases and unhappy paths, with a focus on getting product to market to identify opportunities for optimization and measure effectiveness.


Where I Work

I’m currently a Design Technologist at Talent Inc., where our mission is to help job seekers optimize their personal brand and accelerate their careers. I primarily help our clients by building tools and products to support our Sales, Customer Support and Editorial teams, as well as our global network of career advice experts and professional writers.

In a previous life, I worked as an Assistant Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer at an intimate apparel company, producing trendy prints and graphics for mass-market retailers in the US and abroad. In addition to these full-time roles, I also have experience designing logos and building custom websites for a range of local small businesses.