About Me


What is Design Technology?

I work within multiple stages of the product lifecycle alongside Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and Product Managers. Naturally inclined to split my time between the technical and the creative, I’m an interaction designer, a coder, a visual designer, and an information architect all rolled into one.



Develop an understanding of problems to be solved, getting at root cause issues using lean UX methodologies, including user testing and journey mapping.


Explore UI solutions, wireframe and prototype while considering edge cases, unhappy paths, and accessibility needs. Stick with the tightest feedback loops possible to iterate intelligently.


Map design to code and build out the front-end while working closely with engineers and stakeholders to continuously execute in an agile environment.


Lauren Chilcote

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer/developer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My path to product design and software development has been non-traditional, moving through fashion, textile, and print design with intensive stints studying UX Design and JavaScript development. I get my hands dirty to understand root cause issues and enjoy tackling tough problems with smart people.

When not in front of my computer, you can find me practicing the drums, powerlifting, or staring at/petting/fawning over someone’s dog.