Freelance Job Offer

Reimagining the resume writing job offer to encourage contractors to take on new clients by providing the critical information they need to say “yes!”.

Roles: UX Research, UI Design, Front-End Development

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Fear of the Unknown


Talent Inc. relies on its network of resume writers to accept job “offers” at regular intervals. In its current state, these offers contain very little information about the client outside of an overly simplistic industry categorization. Writers are hesitant to accept jobs that could be undesirable, creating a logjam of orders that require costly manual intervention.

Digging into Data


When eyeing time to assignment and order cycle time as our KPIs, it becomes clear that certain industry categories take up to twice as long as others to move through the fulfillment process. Any client who self-identifies as “IT/Technical”, or “Other” (due to aforementioned overly simplistic options) will likely see their order die on the vine.

Lifting the Curtain


Without the ability to address the UX of the client questionnaire and improve industry categorization, how can we help writers understand:

  1. Am I comfortable with this subject matter?
  2. Does this order fit into my schedule?
  3. Do I want to fulfill each of the items in the order?

We talked to a range of writers about how they write resumes and what they need to know. One thing was clear—the job target is the resume.