Design Technologist bridging the gap between user experience and functioning front-end.

Currently working with the fine folks at Talent Inc., building software to help both freelance
resume writers and job seekers reach their full potential.



Freelance Writing Job Offer

Prompt contract resume writers to view and accept a new client.

Roles: UX Research, UI Design, Front-End Development


Mentorship Program & Email Campaign

One-on-one support and event-driven educational emails to guide new hires through their journey with Talent Inc., ensuring they feel welcomed, informed, and supported.

Roles: UX Research, Copywriting

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Juniors’ Apparel Graphics

Fun, trendy graphics for Juniors’ sleepwear and loungewear apparel lines.

Roles: Graphic Design, Illustration



Latest CodePen

Resume Writing Job Offer
HTML, SCSS, flexbox, CSS feature queries, animation.

See the Pen Resume Writing Job Offer by Lauren Chilcote (@letsbleachthis) on CodePen.


Lauren Chilcote

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer/developer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My path to product design and software development has been non-traditional, moving through fashion, textile, and print design with intensive stints studying UX Design and JavaScript development. I get my hands dirty to understand root cause issues and enjoy tackling tough problems with smart people.

When not in front of my computer, you can find me practicing the drums, powerlifting, or staring at/petting/fawning over someone’s dog.