New Hire Mentorship Program

Humanizing the contract work experience with a one-on-one support program and educational email campaign that guides new resume writers through their journey with Talent Inc.

Roles: UX Research, Product Design, Copywriting

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The Leaky Bucket


Talent Inc. relies on a vast network of contract career services professionals to write resumes for its customers. Writers are expected to adhere to brand standards for document quality and formatting, and to communicate with clients using an internal order management system. This legacy platform, along with a low-touch onboarding process causes confusion and frustration for new hires, leading to high drop-out rates and a costly recruitment process.

Walking the Walk


I put myself in our writers’ shoes by anonymously signing up, going through our onboarding process, and fulfilling three orders for real clients. I documented my frustrations along the way, and then interviewed other writers and the editorial team to nail down the highest friction points. The biggest issues were feeling:

  • LostI was sent 4 emails on day 1 with an overwhelming number of links to follow, articles to read, and teams to keep straight.
  • AloneI had very limited contact with any real people, and didn’t know where to turn when I had questions.
  • ConfusedThe QA process was unclear, and my clients were asking me a lot of questions I didn’t know how to answer. I was billed as an “expert”, but I didn’t feel like one.

A Hand to Hold


Though all of our resume writers are working as independent contractors, we want them to feel like they are a part of a team. They should feel like someone has their back, and so—the Writer Advocate program was born.

Each new writer is connected with a member of our Editorial Review team who picks up the phone to welcome them to the network, shed some light on next steps, and answer any questions.

This mentor will handpick their first few orders, guide them through the QA process, and ensure they feel comfortable delivering work to clients.

Contextual Education


With an eye towards scalability, we redesigned the entire email experience for new hires.

We started capturing user events to act as triggers for sending educational emails—telling writers what they need to know when it’s actionable for them while nudging them through the onboarding experience. Event examples: Taking your first order, submitting your first draft, hearing back from QA.

We got rid of the lengthy, plain text emails and developed a more user-friendly, branded HTML email campaign delivered through the persona of our writer network manager.

 Plain text email and signature.

Plain text email and signature.

 Humanized HTML email with the face of our network.

Humanized HTML email with the face of our network.

The tone is supportive and encouraging, with a focus on how Talent Inc. can bring value to them.

In bite-size chunks, we help writers understand the entire Talent Inc. ecosystem and writing process, positioning Editorial Review and the QA process as a value-add that will make them experts in their field, instead of resume writing cops.

This campaign nudges new hires through our onboarding experience, providing greater capacity for Talent Inc. to fulfill orders and bolstering the earning potential of independent contractors.



As a result, onboarding time has decreased 40%, we are seeing a reduction in overall attrition, and we are strengthening the bonds between our expert Editorial Review team and our writers.