Holistic Digital Product Design

I design and build products within multiple stages of the product life cycle with an eye towards modularity and user experience. I specialize in product design and HTML/CSS with functional experience developing in modern JavaScript frameworks. It’s important to me to continuously challenge my own ideas and tackle new skills, and I love discussing new ways to approach creative work.



My Toolkit


I love seeing how other people are creating their work, so here’s what I’m currently using for my day-to-day design and development tasks:


My Story


I’m a multi-disciplinary designer/developer who’s most excited when bringing ideas to life. Curious by nature and keen on collaboration, I believe success lies at the intersection between business goals and user problems, when individuals band together to tackle tough problems.

My path to design and development has been non-traditional, moving through fashion, textile, and print design with intensive stints studying front-end development, UX Design, and JavaScript. I enjoy tackling new disciplines and pushing myself to think in new ways, believing that cross-boundary skill sets make me a better problem solver and more valuable team member. 


When not in front of my computer, you can find me advocating for the existence of the cake flight, powerlifting with The Armory barbell club, or staring at/petting/fawning over someone’s dog.