Hi! I’m Lauren, a Product Designer & Front-End Developer.


I craft thoughtful solutions to user problems and work cross-functionally to drive products from ideation through implementation.

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Plan, preview, and schedule
Instagram Stories with Buffer Publish.

UX Research & Product Design

Marketing asset designed by the talented Julia Jaskólska.

Marketing asset designed by the talented Julia Jaskólska.


Building a transparent freelance marketplace.

UX Research, UI Design, Front-End Development (React, Sass)


Empowering new hires with the support needed to succeed.

UX Design, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS), Copywriting


Front-End Fun

Responsive landing page using CSS Grid, Flexbox, and AOS scrolling animations.

Responsive landing page with CSS Grid, a responsive nav, and clip-path overlays.

FAQ-style animating accordions using only HTML & CSS.



Lauren Chilcote

Curious by nature and keen on collaboration, I believe there is a multitude of success to be found at the intersection between business goals and user problems when individuals band together to work as a team. I’m currently working with the fine folks at Buffer to design and build software that helps innovative companies grow their brands online.

When not in front of my computer, you can find me advocating for the existence of the cake flight, powerlifting with The Armory barbell club, or staring at/petting/fawning over someone’s dog.


Stay Creating — Episode 13
Senior Product Designer - Lauren Chilcote: On the importance of STARTING, showing up, and staying hungry to learn.
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