How I work
I love the puzzle of product design — sinking my teeth into strategy and customer feedback, combing through data, and balancing business and user needs to ship, learn, and start all over again. I believe diverse perspectives create better products, and building strong cross-functional relationships through transparency and empathy is the secret sauce to delivering the best user experiences. Outside of feature work, I enjoy exploring design process and tooling — how designers work together, how we work within product teams, and how we effectively communicate our work across an organization.
Fun Facts
Hair icon
There's a natural streak of white hair in my bangs. I've had it since I was 4 thanks to vitiligo, a condition that causes spots of albinism.
Alphabet icon
Letters and words have distinct colors in my brain, called color synesthesia. B is brown, C is yellow, D is green — these are just the facts!
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Lifting weights is my jam, and bench pressing is my fave. Also pull-ups. And trap bar deadlifts. Forever chasing the pump.
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I  started my career designing underwear and sleepwear graphics, then taught myself to code and started designing for the web.